Company Profile
Our mission is to help customers to purchase and deliver the required integrated circuits and semiconductors quickly and risk-free all over the world.We can also provide the solutions and suggestions in terms of unit price, delivery time, MOQ and quality control according to customer requirements. With many years’ working experience, we built very large and reliable supplier network in both domestic and overseas market. With our network database, we are able to support the 24-hour sourcing of the allocated, obsolete, hard-to-find, and long lead-time parts Our aim is to exceed our customers' expectations and stay ahead of the competition and our service will not just end with a competitive pricing. We are also hope to make our customer’s purchase job easier.
  • Company name : EZ Tech Co.,Ltd.
  • Fax : +81-72-344-5408
  • Address : 301 La Maison Claire, 5-32-3 Tsukaguchi, Amagasaki City, 661-0002, Hyogo Prefecture,JAPAN
  • HP :
  • Tel : +81-72-397-2629
  • Established : 令和1年6月